1. Regional Representative of German Pest Control Association in Middle East for EUROCIDO’98.

  2. Regional Representative of the Middle East for International Conference On Insect Pest In The Urban Environment (Edinburgh, Scotland) 1996, and 3rd ICUP, Prague - 1999.

  3. Nominated by the ‘The 1st International Congress of Chemical and Biological Medical Treatment (CB MTS - Middle East), Cairo-Egypt. Dec. 7-11, 1997’, as their representative in Saudi Arabia.

  4. Regional Representative in the Middle East For National Pest Control Association of America in Pest Management ’99.

  5. Regional Representative in the Middle East For EUROCIDO 2000.

  6. The first Pest Control Company in Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East to acquired ISO-9002 Certification.

  7. Outstanding Distributor in the Middle East for CURTIS DYNA-FOG LTD., USA 2000 to 2002 - Manufacturer of Foggers, misting and ULV machines.